House District 6 Candidate Dan Himelspach Hosts Zoom Town Hall With Rose Medical Center

Friday, April 24 – Dan Himelspach is running for a seat in Colorado House District 6, and he could have never predicted the circumstances he would be facing when he was one of the first to launch his campaign for the primary set for June 30, 2020. COVID-19 has impacted the plan to reach voters but that is not stopping Himelspach. “What we’ve tried not to do is whine and cry in our beer,” said Himelspach. “How can we still accomplish our goal? Those that do the best can adjust to it and live in the new world we are in.”

One of the things Himelspach did was organize a Town Hall via Zoom with Denver City Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer that invited the community to learn more about Rose Hospital during this pandemic. Joining Himelspach and Sawyer was Ryan Tobin, President & CEO at Rose Medical Center and Andrew Weinfeld, MD, Chief Medical Officer. …

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