Tuesday, February 25 – Dan Himelspach, a husband, father, and community advocate with over 45 years in East and Central Denver, turned in over 1,800 petition signatures today, securing his Democratic candidacy for the Colorado State House, District 6.

“Today, we showed the political climbers and career politicians what a true grassroots campaign looks like,” said Himelspach. “Through rain and snow, I was with our team nearly everyday knocking on doors, meeting with voters, and listening to their concerns – I am the only candidate in this race that can say that and that’s why we are going to win,” said Himelspach.

Colorado House District 6 was represented by Chris Hansen. After Hansen won a vacancy for the state senate, Steve Woodrow was appointed to the seat. Himelspach is the only Democratic candidate for the State House who chose to bypass the vacancy process and focus on the primary. Over 20% of legislators currently serving in the State Legislature were appointed to their seats by a vacancy committee.

Dan Himelspach, a Denver Democrat, shakes the hand of a Denver voter.

Dan Himelspach meets with a Denver voter, one of over 1,800 HD6 Democrats who have signed his ballot petition for the open seat in Colorado’s House District 6.

“Since day one, this campaign has been about strengthening the Democratic Party and ensuring voters have someone who will listen and represent them. We’ve successfully harnessed that energy and that’s why we were able to collect the required signatures so quickly,” stated Himelspach.

Himelspach knocked nearly 10,000 doors of registered Democrats throughout House District 6 in order to obtain over 1,800 signatures. Nearly all signatures were garnered door-to-door meaning the campaign’s validly rate will be more than enough to meet the 1,000-signature threshold to be placed on the Democratic Primary ballot.

To be placed on the ballot, a Democrat must obtain at least 30% of the vote via the caucus route or obtain 1,000 verified signatures from registered Democrats in the district. Any candidate going through the Caucus process who receives 10% -29.9% of the Caucus vote may petition onto the ballot. A person may not sign a petition for the same office more than once. Candidates have until March 17, 2020 to collect the needed signatures.

Himelspach announced earlier this month support from former HD 6 Denver City Council members Cathy Donohue and Ed Thomas, in addition to Denver City Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer.

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