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    A local leader with global impact.

    Dan is a Democrat who has lived in Colorado House District 6 for over 4 decades and is known for enriching lives and inspiring community leaders across Colorado and beyond.


    Dan is a Denver-based Colorado business leader and practicing attorney with over 30 years of experience specializing in mediation and negotiation. Living in HD6 for over 40 years, Dan has formed several successful businesses including a family-owned business that sells high tech products to brain researchers all over the world. Not a professional politician hoping to climb the political ladder, Dan is running for office in the spirit of servant leadership with a hope to bring his unique mixture of negotiation and business skills to Colorado’s legislature.

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    We are confronted with a web of interrelated issues – from fixing our health-care system, funding public education, taking big measures to protect our environment and public lands, dealing with transportation issues and leveling the playing field so we all have the same opportunities to live life freely and retire with dignity. We will require collaboration in addition to negotiation to achieve solutions that ensure we all actually get that opportunity.

    • Face Climate Change head-on – Reduce Denver’s Brown Cloud and build retraining programs for oil + gas professionals.
    • Recruit & Retain Great Teachers – Teacher pay, small classes, and modern technology is crucial to our state’s success.

    • Fix Out-of-Control Healthcare Costs – Healthcare is the number one cause of bankruptcy in the United States.

    While this is just the start, to accomplish these huge goals and protect our Colorado way of life, we’ll need your help. Learn about my full platform and keep up with Team Dan by joining us on Facebook or Twitter today!

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